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OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer™
OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
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OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
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Finding Information - Using OptimusLaw to find legal information is easy.  Follow these links to find tips and instructions on using OptimusLaw to find the legal information that your looking for.

OptimusLaw Library Online
OptimusLaw Help Centers
OptimusLaw Web Site Search

OptimusLaw Library Online -  Use the Law Library to find information on legal issues, topics of interest and our member lawyers.  Each state Law Library is arranged by county and includes sections on County Courts, County Government, Legal Definitions by Area of Law, Legal Articles and Legal Links. Each article or definition contains a link to one or more member lawyers that can handle matters relating to the legal issue selected.

OptimusLaw Help Centers -  Use one of our twenty two Help Centers to learn more about a specific legal issue and the member lawyers that handle them. Each Help Center is focused on a popular area of law and includes definitions, articles and other relevant information.

Accident & Injury Help Center
Bankruptcy Law Help Center
Business Law Help Center
Catastrophic Injury Help Center
Children's Injury Help Center
Civil Rights Help Center
Construction Law Help Center
Criminal Law Help Center
Disability Help Center
Divorce Help Center
DUI & DWI Help Center
Elder Law Help Center
Employment Law Help Center
Estate Planning Help Center
Immigration Law Help Center
Lemon Law Help Center
Medical Malpractice Help Center
No-Fault Divorce Help Center
Prescription Drug Injury Help Center
Real Estate Law Help Center
Securities Fraud / Securities Law Help Center
Tax Fraud / Tax Law Help Center

OptimusLaw Web Site Search - Quickly find legal information or look up a a specific legal issue using our web site Search.  With our search feature you can locate pages containing a specific word or phrase in your selected state Member Lawyer Directory. Click Search Tips for more information on how to use our powerful search feature to find exactly what you're looking for.

OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer™
OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
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OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
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