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OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
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OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
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Legal Marketplace Advertising - OptimusLaw™ Membership Info Sell Your Products & Services to Lawyers & Law Firms!

OptimusLaw Legal Marketplace Advertising

Target lawyers and law firms with Legal Marketplace advertising programs. 

The Legal Marketplace is a shopping resource for lawyers and law firms with links to hundreds of web sites from companies that offer a wide range of products and services tailored to legal professionals.  

Choose from a  customized  web page, custom display ad, web site link to your existing web site or a Google AdWords ad.

The Shredder Guys
The Shredder Guys

Lawyers find the Legal Marketplace through search engines, Internet marketing, direct mail and traditional advertising.  The Legal Marketplace includes the following featured areas:

Business Printing Lawyer to Lawyer
Legal Marketing Services Research & Publishing
Technology Mediators & Arbitrators
Support Services Expert Witnesses

Legal Marketplace Web Page

The Legal Marketplace Web Page is custom designed to sell your products or services.  Focused keywords generate additional traffic to complement your existing online marketing programs.  Web pages can be targeted to a specific product and/or geographical location.  A typical example is the The Shredder Guys shown above.

Legal Marketplace Display Ad

Display ads are placed in the Legal Marketplace area of your choice.  We can link your display ad to an existing web site or design a Legal Marketplace Web Page for you.  Display ads are available four sizes for advertisers that want to maximize their presence and/or reduce their competition.

Legal Marketplace Web Site Link

If you have an existing web site and don't want a display ad, we can link a Legal Marketplace topic or product listing, located at the top of each page just under the page logo, directly to your web site.

Google AdWords

Most pages in the Legal Marketplace accommodate Google AdWords advertising via the Google Content Network.

We offer managed Search Engine Marketing services for new and existing Google AdWords accounts.  Our marketing team can get your ads to appear in the Legal Marketplace on the pages that you want to target.


Please contact our marketing team at 1-866-OPTIMUS for current opportunities and pricing.

OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
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OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
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