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OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
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Testimonials - OptimusLaw™ Membership Info What Our Member Lawyers Say About Us

Member Comments - We have received praise in the form of letters, emails and verbal comments from our satisfied member lawyers.  Below is a categorized list of some of those comments.

 Return On Investment

“. . .After several months as a participating attorney, the fees already received have more than paid for the entire first year of your service. The calls received have greatly exceeded my expectations.”

“The business that I received from (OptimusLaw) in the first month that I advertised paid for a year’s subscription to the service.”

“. . .In that first year, we received a 150% return on our advertising. . .The only reason why we would not recommend (OptimusLaw) to other lawyers is our wish to keep it our secret.”

“Bang For The Buck”

“As more people go online to shop for information and products, it is only natural that they will also look for legal help.  I have found (OptimusLaw) to be invaluable in attracting new clients.  As a sole practitioner I can get a ‘bigger bang for my buck’ and compete with law firms with much larger advertising budgets.”

  “. . .Compared with other methods of advertising that I have used in the past your service is proving very cost effective.”

Internet Effectiveness

“. . .It is evident more and more people are using the Internet to find legal assistance, and your advertisement has been very effective in directing these people to my website.”

“When we first signed on . . . , my partner doubted the power of (OptimusLaw) and the internet. In the first year, we received a 150% return on our advertising.”
- J.F.

“. . .My website, alone, failed to generate any meaningful activity. My listing with Westlaw also failed to bring in any business.  After listing my firm with (OptimusLaw), I began receiving numerous inquiries from potential clients. . .I would strongly encourage any lawyer seeking to develop new business to join (OptimusLaw). If a lawyer wants to be found on the Internet, (OptimusLaw) is the place to be. “

”Was I wrong!  Any attorney who does not have a website is missing a valuable tool in obtaining new clients”

Referrals/New Clients

“. . .(OptimusLaw) has become my largest single source of referred clients, and because of its regional scope has opened a new market for me.”

“. . . (W)e have been pleased with your company’s services.  We have consistently received referrals over the course of the last year and have had the opportunity to meet with many individuals with prospective legal matters. . .”

“…As a direct result of your services I am now beginning to have cases referred to me by (OptimusLaw) referrals.  That is, clients who selected me as their attorney are now telling their friends about me.”

“. . . I am extremely pleased with the number of referrals I have been receiving from prospective clients through your advertising vehicle.”

“. . .As for your service, I cannot say enough.  Sometimes we have so many leads it is difficult to return them all in the same day.”

Marketing Expertise

“. . .(Your staff) was very helpful and diligent and had a lot of fresh ideas about marketing. . .”
-J. M.

“. . .Your staff is well trained and always brings a dynamic presence to our meetings.  Furthermore, at those meetings, they are both insightful and helpful in their suggestions which help us continue to grow our practice.  

“. . .It is always a pleasure to work with your cheerful and talented staff, who strive to tailor their advertising copy to my specific concerns and areas of legal practice. I enjoy our meetings, which provide a synergy in developing an advertising format that is right for me. . .”

“… The Internet marketing of legal services is ethical, efficient, and addresses the needs of clients.”

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OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
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OptimusLaw™ - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)
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